Nanopixel develops tailored Virtual Reality and Real Time Rendering solutions. Our solutions serve as the ultimate sales / marketing tool in various environments.

Through the combination of ingenious designs, photo realistic environments and the latest new hardware, unique and groundbreaking 'customer experiences' are created that are sustainably integrated with our customers.

We create opportunities that you never considered as a possibility before.

Discover the possibilities for your products!

Virtual Reality allows your customers to experience and configure your products. This makes Virtual Reality the ideal sales and marketing tool for eg. showrooms, fairs, stores and representatives.

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Discover the possibilities for your real estate project!

Let your customers experience and configure their future home with Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality makes it possible to explore real estate projects in a fun and intuitive way. This is obviously the new way to sell real estate.

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Today's customers really want to experience their products, VR is the ideal medium for this.

De Blander Dietrich - CEO Nanopixel

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