Nanopixel got involved in the Sterea project. We assisted in the production of a film, the visuals, the website and the integration of our virtual sales suite. For more than a year, we have been working in close cooperation with the builder and architects on the design of the site.


Customer Sterea
Project Sterea Sterrebeek
Number of units 400
Number of visuals 80
Surface area 10,4 ha
Extremely motivated, innovative, were always ready and went beyond their assignment! Martine MonstreySterea

Our approach

The assignment was to draw no less than 10.4 ha in 3D. This was necessary because we had to make a 3D movie in addition to the visual: without 3D no animation. No sinecure, because at the beginning the plans were not final at all. What was immediately clear was the importance of the landscape design in this project.


For the performance of this grand project, Nanopixel made an atmosphere-creating film. It was the intention to highlight all facets of Sterea in the film with a high lifestyle feel to it. This project had more than 10 years of preperation in advance. We wanted to get that thoughtful way of working into the movie. Starting point is the architect Paul Lievevrouw (SUM projects) who got inspired by the landscape. The one and a half minute movie was first seen as a teaser during the launch event and was well received.



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